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About us

We exist to make a difference; to empower you with the latest digital thinking, skills, technologies and knowledge to help your business thrive and grow.

Our promise

Every member of our team is picked not only for their talents, but because they’re Sixtwo people.

This means taking our skills and knowledge and throwing in a healthy mix of honesty, practicality and business ethics. If you work with us, we promise to:

  • Listen carefully: we’ll listen and understand before making any conclusions.
  • Talk honestly: we’ll say if something is or isn’t the right thing for you.
  • Think creatively: your business is unique – your website should be too.
  • Enjoy it! We take our work seriously, but have fun along the way.


Our values

We are always looking for new and exciting ways to achieve our clients’ goals. 

When we see the chance to make a process easier or more effective, we seize it. 

We care about our work. We take pride in what we do. And we want you to see that. 

We are easy to work with. Our process is smooth, flexible and transparent.  

We’ll say if something is or isn’t the right thing for you and why. 

Active Listening
We’ll listen closely and make sure we understand before drawing any conclusions. 

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