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One year anniversary at Sixtwo – what a year it’s been! 

Lisa joined Sixtwo a year go, this week had Lisa reflecting over the past year and how much of an impact she has had on the team.

For 365 days I have officially been an employee of Sixtwo web design agency. A lot has happened in this time for both the agency and my own personal growth which is why it feels like it has flown by.

Sixtwo, little did I realise when I took the role as Project Manager, was about to go through some massive changes as a company. Our Senior Project Manager joined just one week before me, so we were both in the same boat. We realised from day 1 we would be shaking this agency up and reviewing every single system in place. Exciting times indeed!

From a personal perspective, I was a little daunted moving into a web agency, sure I had experience project managing in other sectors, but knew I would have a steep learning curve to grasp the language and the function of this particular role. I found creating a glossary of web-based abbreviations and meanings helped with my understanding.

Of course, I couldn’t have got that knowledge without the help of our team – now family – at Sixtwo. Every team member has been patient and I still feel like I’m learning every day. But that’s what a job should be right? I wouldn’t want it any other way, every day I can be challenged and being client facing regularly have to think on my feet and react to requests. I love managing projects, but I think it’s the people you work with that make a job. Also, lucky to have some lovely clients as well which makes all the difference. I have used this time to build strong relationships with clients, even some that have moved to new roles have been in touch through their new companies which makes me so happy!

I think you need to embrace any new change and accept the challenge – if I hadn’t accepted this job a year ago, I wouldn’t have met these great people and learnt so much. Don’t get me wrong, I still have tons to learn and don’t do any coding or design – I leave that to our professionals – but at least I have a better understanding of this industry which has been a real revelation.

Looking forward to the next year and beyond.

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