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We are delighted to announce Phil Cooper, our Strategy Specialist became part of the Sixtwo team this month. Phil joins us with 30+ years experience in the Web and Marketing industry, with a passion for SEO strategies. To help you get to know Phil better we have asked him the most important questions. 

What did you do before joining Sixtwo?

I have worked freelance providing website design, web applications and search optimisation services for a wide range of clients. From strategy to development, testing and optimisation, my work has been mainly focused on business services including telecoms, financial services, and SaaS as well as many small businesses.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

Away from the office, I enjoy travelling where I always seek adventures off the beaten track. I’m passionate about food, from preparing to savouring it, so much so that we have a bucket list of restaurants I must experience. And I’m a car enthusiast but no longer a petrolhead, as three years ago I started driving electric vehicles (EVs). If you want to know more about them – prepare yourself; because once I start talking about EVs, the conversation could go on for hours!

What makes you passionate about working at Sixtwo?

What I enjoyed most about my freelance life is the opportunity to meet new and interesting businesses and the light-bulb moment that starts to build digital strategies to drive success. At Sixtwo, this is where all of my energy and skills are spent and it makes me smile.

What are you most excited about working at Sixtwo?

Working with an amazing, like-minded team that is as passionate about building solutions as I am. When we take on any new client we take on the responsibility to deliver a solution that meets the goals of our customers. As a team, we’re united in this goal and I’m excited to be part of something so dynamic. It’s humbling to work alongside such motivated professionals, who push each other for better results.

If you could only keep one, what would it be? Biscuits/Crisps/Chocolate/Cheese


What makes a great website?

A great website is focused on design and purpose. From the customer’s perspective, this means creating intuitive navigation, good usability, and above all else answering questions and delivering an engaging experience. From the site owner’s perspective, a great website should work hard, increase revenue and turn visitors into customers. From our perspective, a great website never stops evolving and when a business is truly invested in its digital experience – it shows.

 If you would like to discuss your website and online strategy Phil is your man, you can contact him directly via email or connect on LinkedIn. 

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