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Then you felt compelled to read this supporting sentence

You will read this paragraph third, unless you have scrolled further down the page in search of more exciting stuff. That’s ok because you already read the main sales message above. If this paragraph was any longer you would probably ignore it completely.

Thinking about your audience goes a long way

Effective text placement and optimisation on a webpage, especially at the top of the Home page where users first land, is paramount for capturing and retaining user attention. Ensuring that crucial information is prominently displayed will vastly improve visitor engagement and guide them through the site’s key offerings. Studies suggest that the average human attention span online is around 8 seconds, emphasising the critical need to convey essential messages quickly. Optimising text not only enhances user experience but also contributes to better search engine visibility, as search algorithms prioritise content placed higher up the page. By aligning text with user behaviour patterns and incorporating compelling visuals, businesses can maximise their impact within this brief attention window, increasing the likelihood of user interaction and conversion.

When preparing copy for your landing website, ask yourself what would be helpful for your audience? What should they expect to see or experience on this landing page?

Image choice is key

Alongside the text sizing and placement, background imagery is also key. Whilst the image needs to be relevant its composition needs to be considered – and if you’re having a bespoke photo taken, the photographer needs to be aware of the constraints imposed by the final execution. Busy, high contrast images will kill your typography, rendering it illegible and the message lost to your audience. Unbalanced images will similarly upset the flow of the users’ journey, where they feel something is off even if they can’t identify what. The image should work in harmony with the text, and if it is a background image it should stay in the background and not fight the text for users’ attention.

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