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Sixtwo is a website design agency that builds engaging websites designed to make an impact, build connections, and start conversations.

Our solutions help businesses create a clear vision and roadmap, to take your idea from concept to full product development using our experienced team of experts.

Your website is a critical part of your customer experience. Getting it right starts here.

Our Work

We support a broad range of ambitious businesses of all sizes across multiple sectors. Whether directed at businesses, consumers, or other stakeholders, we work with all companies to support their strategic goals, creating dynamic engagement and generating commercial results.

We pride ourselves on a bespoke approach to our work and the diversity of our client base reflects this.

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Bionical Emas



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Farm Machinery

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GW Highways

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ITL Medical

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SMS Marine Group


Our solutions transform your online presence to build experiences that people want to explore, share and return to again and again.

By combining the services you need, we provide an efficient tailor-made solution that will fit you perfectly. Whether you need help designing your website, providing ongoing support for your team or developing a unique brand identity, we can offer the solutions that work for you

About Us

Founded in 2010, Sixtwo is an innovative, agile and passionate web design consultancy focused on success with a growth mindset. We actively listen to our clients and you can count on us for an authentic dialogue on our work together. That makes us easy to work with, efficient and fully aligned with your goals.

Working with us means working with a team who takes the same care, attention and pride in your online presence as you do.

Our Team

We will work with you in total collaboration – we’re accessible, reliable and efficient.

We want to understand you as well as your customers will, if not better. This is fundamental to giving you what you need to maximise engagement with creativity and flair. Combined with our expert knowledge and extensive experience, our commitment to the relationship will help you realise your ambitions effectively. We are an ambitious team who pride ourselves on an agile approach and a personal touch.

Our clients include

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Our clients include