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Sixtwo is renowned for its expertise in multiple platforms, development and proficiency in architecture. We provide a comprehensive range of web services, including web consultancy, web design, UI/UX design, brochure web development, advanced website development, and plugin development. Our platform-agnostic approach ensures that we recommend the best solution to meet your unique needs, whether it be on WordPress or Shopify for ecommerce stores.

The right solution for you

We understand it’s important to use a platform that provides the ideal solution for your company’s needs. We specialise in WordPress bespoke websites, templated and headless, we also specialise in Shopify e-commerce websites with marketing integration and other headless CMS like Strapi and Sanity. Our objective is to level up our bespoke offering by giving clients a custom-built website that doesn’t have to rely on plugins or WordPress updates.

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What is headless CMS? A new approach

Are you frustrated with the confines of your existing site? A headless CMS (Content Management System) is a type of content management system that provides a way to manage and organise text, images, videos, and other on-page multimedia without the traditional confinements of a fixed design or front-end framework.

Headless CMS is an innovative way of delivering fast, flexible and scalable web properties exactly how you envisioned, Our headless websites give you the ability to have total control over your website’s front end, allowing for greater flexibility and versatility in how content is delivered to different devices and platforms.

Headless CMS has been used by financial institutions, media outlets, and governmental bodies alike as genuinely enterprise-grade CMS without making any concessions in terms of speed, security, or scalability.

Why Choose Sixtwo?

What makes us different to other web development companies offering headless CMS? Our promise to clients and our people. Each individual within our team is chosen not solely based on their skills but also for their embodiment of the Sixtwo ethos.

This entails blending our expertise and insights with a generous dose of candour, pragmatism, and ethical business practices. Should you collaborate with us, we pledge to:

  • Listen Attentively: Prior to drawing any conclusions, we will attentively listen and comprehend your perspective and needs.
  • Communicate Frankly: We will be forthright in expressing whether something aligns with your needs or doesn’t.
  • Innovate Thoughtfully: Just as your business is distinctive, your website should reflect that uniqueness as well.
  • Embrace Enjoyment: While we approach our work with dedication, we also find joy in the journey.

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WordPress is one of the most used CMS platforms in the world and allows for all types of web applications. If you’re looking for a B2B website that offers customisation, scalability and ease of use, a WordPress website is a great choice. However, if you’re running an ecommerce store, we find that Shopify is the best headless ecommerce platform.

A headless CMS is a great choice when you need flexibility, multi-channel content distribution, and have the technical capabilities to implement and maintain it effectively. However, if your project has simpler requirements and a smaller budget, a traditional CMS might be more suitable. Headless CMS projects are perfect for enterprise-level projects, that require a level of complexity as well as scalability, content distribution and flexibility.

Yes, you can leave the intricacies of hosting to us. Our dependable and secure hosting services guarantee constant accessibility and responsiveness for your website. Moreover, we offer ‘Green hosting,’ granting businesses the opportunity to opt for a more environmentally-conscious choice. With Sixtwo, you can dedicate your attention to your business while we manage the foundational infrastructure.

APIs are important for headless CMS projects. Our sites seamlessly integrate APIs from various services and platforms. Sixtwo ensures smooth data exchange and enables your website to interact with external systems effortlessly.