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When Sixtwo takes on a new project with a client we make them an extension of our team. It usually means we’re working very closely together, sometimes for a couple of months or more, so having that connection really does matter. With every website build, clients will have a designated Project Manager to see you from start to finish.

Our clients launch their website with confidence knowing we provide comprehensive training to maintain and update content. We’re here to offer continuous advice, assistance, and additional training. Plus, we’ll seamlessly incorporate project sprints into our schedule, ensuring websites remains up-to-date and optimised.

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Client insights

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Content population and guides

Project management

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As we offer a bespoke service which includes strategy, design, SEO research before we build a site the project can take anywhere from 10 weeks to 26 weeks. The average project takes 14 weeks.

Our developers will run a thorough check on your web to check for speed, up to date plugins, broken links and any other potential, bugs or vulnerabilities on your site. You will then receive a detailed report that lists what our developers have done to improve and optimise your site as well as recommendations from our Designers, UX/UI experts and insights from your Project Manager. Read our article regarding the importance of running regular maintenance and health checks What is Website Maintenance and Why is it important?

Yes, we offer two options which our team can discuss with you during onboarding.

As our solutions are bespoke our quotes are also bespoke to you. Email to raise a quote. 

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