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Extended Services

As well as building complete, bespoke websites we also offer support to clients who need help in part of the process or in related projects.

Here are some examples:

Mother’s Day Campaign

Yankee Candle wanted to elevate their Mother’s Day campaign. We designed a multi-choice quiz using Jebbit, which allowed users to select their mother’s various interests and preferences, totalling up a logic which would suggest which fragrance they should purchase based upon the results, with a discount code.

The quiz allowed Yankee Candle to capture the users’ data for future campaigns. Speed was the priority to ensure the quiz was available before Mother’s Day.

UX/UI Design

MSA Safety have an established website that is large, well maintained and continuously updated by their internal team. We have been tasked to help them with improvements to their site on several occasions – working with different teams across the world on their various blogs, and to look at individual product and service pages to improve the user experience (UX), using our expertise to evaluate how the page worked from an external perspective.

For these UX improvements, we focused on the user and were able to obtain detailed information about their audience and the target demographic the page had been created for. With this in mind, we created a user journey that flowed, providing clean and concise information for users.

We created in-depth wireframes to define page layouts and information hierarchy, providing our content writing service to promote this product to their audience. With some clever design involving carousels and video, our client was very happy with the results. Visuals swiftly followed that flowed into their established brand, and the completed project was provided to their in-house developer team to build – the whole project turned around to a tight deadline.

Design Support

Norwegian British Chamber of Commerce found themselves inundated with the task of maintaining a consistent brand presence across social media and newsletters. Feeling the strain of constantly churning out content, they sought our expertise to streamline their efforts.

We collaborated closely with NBCC to craft bespoke templates that not only reflected their brand essence but also resonated with their audience. These templates weren’t just visually striking, they were meticulously designed for effortless integration across all media platforms.

To help them keep the branding consistent we also created a template brand guideline.

SEO and Content Consultancy

Six String Fingerpicking has a website featuring a large directory of music and courses for acoustic fingerpicking guitar. They have promoted their material consistently on social media, especially YouTube and had some success breaking into the US market.

Six String came to us as they wanted to expand their reach and focus their efforts on SEO. As we specialise in this area, we were able to give them advice and create a 6-12 month strategy plan. We advised adding a blog page that allowed our client to add more content to the website.

Our two main SEO objectives were to:

  • Drive more organic course sales – we reviewed Six String’s ranking via Search Console data and found areas for improvement.
  • Drive more blog traffic to mailing list downloads. This looked at traffic for those searching for specific songs and optimising the existing content.

Sixtwo also agreed to supply new blog content ideas monthly. These were obtained from keyword searches and created ideal titles to elaborate on. We were then able to apply tracking and events in Google Tag Manager and make sure each of their blogs were optimised. Monthly reports covered rankings, traffic, enquiries and marketing activity completed.

Summary of Services

  • UX audit (review of website user experience)
  • UX strategy (planning user experience for website/app)
  • UX/UI design (structure and visual design of website/app)
  • Print & digital design (brochures, marketing collateral, etc.)
  • Campaign websites
  • White label development
  • Page or individual element builds
  • Website health checks
  • SEO audits
  • SEO strategy

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