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How to use AI to create your blog content

From unlocking your phone with facial recognition to doing your banking and online shopping, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is helping us in many different aspects of our lives already – and creating effective website content is no different.

AI can both make the process of creating website content quicker and easier, and ensure the content is bring loads of benefits to your site.

In fact, 64% of businesses expect AI to increase productivity over the coming years, according to a Forbes Advisor survey. And the AI market is continuing to grow as it’s expected to reach $407 billion by 2027. So it’s definitely something to embrace as part of your website content creation workflow.

So why specifically should you use AI to help you make content and how can you go about getting started?

Why use AI to help you create content?

Using AI to help you produce web content can bring so many benefits, even enabling someone with little experience or time to create top quality content such as blogs and product descriptions and ensure it’s fully optimised.

Some benefits of using AI in your web content creation include:

  • Improving your website performance – The overall reason you might like to incorporate AI into your web content creation is, of course, to make your website more effective.
  • Personalising your content – AI can achieve some amazing things, including being able to create articles and blogs tailored to individuals’ needs, preferences and interests. Through data analysis AI can learn what content recommendations to send to people, such as blogs and product suggestions.
  • Improving the user experience – As well as analysing and recommending how content can help bring people to your website, AI can help you make the experience of using it better for visitors too. Again via data analysis, it can share up-to-date information about how users behave and what they prefer to see on sites.

Improving your content’s SEO with AI

AI can also specifically help you with the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website content, helping you to gain a competitive advantage and bring more organic traffic to your site.

It works via AI machine learning, which can analyse user intent, search patterns and content relevance to then optimise web pages. AI then suggests relevant keywords to use as much as possible, matching up with the user’s search intent.

AI can even recommend how to build links into your website content, therefore improving the credibility and authority of your site.

How to use AI to make and improve web content

So after establishing the benefits of using AI for your web content, how can you implement this into your content workflow?

There’s some key actions you can follow to start using AI to create your content:

  • Choose your AI tool

AI tools can be one of the best ways to get assistance in creating and optimising website content, which will then improve your website’s performance.

There are a number of different AI tools to choose from so it’s best to do you research to work out which one suits your needs.

Some popular options include ChatGPT, Jasper, Notion AI and Midjourney.

  • Automate your content creation

As we keep reiterating, AI content generators can save you so much time and money by automating various parts of your content creation, such as blogs and articles, social media captions and product descriptions on your website.

AI content creation tools use natural language generation (NLG) to process data and spit out text humans can understand.

It’s important to be aware that this content may not always be 100% accurate – but even if the content needs a proofread that will still be quicker than creating it from scratch. Plus, because of AI machine learning, the content quality should increase over time.

  • Add chatbots to improve user experience

AI-powered chatbots have totally changed a user’s experience, including the customer service available to them, seeing as they can ask a question immediately, at any time of the day.

These virtual assistants can use AI algorithms to help them first understand and then hopefully respond to users.

While chatbots can’t necessarily solve the more complex challenges, especially if the problem is unique, they can do things like provide information, process transactions and signpost users to the right place.

  • Use AI to ensure your content is accessible

AI tools can give you suggestions for how to make your website content more accessible, which is important in ensuring your site is inclusive. This also improves your website’s authority.

Tools do things like automatically adding alt text to images, describing what an image shows for someone who is blind or visuall impaired.

All in all, making effective use of AI tools to help you design, create and optimise your website’s content brings so many benefits. Not only does it enable you to create the very best content for your site’s needs in terms of optimisation, it also enables you to personalise the content for your user base and improve the user experience. Not to mention the fact AI makes content creation much easier, quicker and cheaper.

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