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Sixtwo Agency Embraces World Wellbeing Week 2023

Welcome to Sixtwo Agency, where we believe that prioritising wellbeing is not just a trend but a fundamental aspect of a fulfilling and successful life. As we embrace the World Wellbeing Week in 2023, we are delighted to share our commitment to cultivating a culture that values the physical, mental, and emotional health of our team.

World WellBeing Week is back for its fifth year in June 2023! It’s a fantastic opportunity for people all around the world to come together and celebrate different aspects of wellbeing. From finding meaning and purpose in our work to taking care of our physical, mental, and emotional health, this event covers it all. It also emphasises the importance of social resilience, compassionate leadership, community involvement, and environmental care. Wellbeing has never been more crucial for our overall happiness and success in life.

At Sixtwo, we recognise that when individuals thrive, they bring their best selves to their work, relationships, and personal growth. Join us on this journey as we explore the profound significance of wellbeing and discover empowering strategies to enhance our collective welfare during this transformative week.

We are also proud to be an active participant in the Mindful Business Charter, an influential movement dedicated to promoting mental health and wellbeing within the business sector. By aligning with this esteemed organisation, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to creating a workplace environment that prioritises the holistic welfare of our team members. The Mindful Business Charter provides us with invaluable guidance, resources, and a supportive network to foster a culture of mindfulness, resilience, and empathy. Through our partnership with this transformative initiative, we aim to set a shining example of how businesses can thrive while also nurturing the mental and emotional wellbeing of their employees.

As part of the wider Branscombe Group we have invested in training colleagues across the board to be Mental Health First Aider, provided by MHFA England. Our very own Head of Web, Sam Keenan took part in the course which she describes as life changing and highly recommends companies to invest in to help leaders look out for their team members.

To celebrate World Wellbeing Week 2023 the Sixtwo team have put together their own tips they use to improve their wellbeing at work.


“I find I function much better at work after a walk round the park with the dogs first thing in the morning. It can be a struggle in the dark in the winter but gets the blood pumping and I feel more energised and ready for the day. I make sure I step away from my desk on regular intervals to stretch my back and which can sometimes ache after a long day of sitting down.”


“I often have days that are meeting heavy or project work heavy meaning I forget to move away from my desk and take short breaks to refresh. To combat this, I invested in a stand up desk to I can move more naturally, and I have set hourly reminders to stop and walk away from my desk to grab a drink. This helps me from feeling exhausted and allows my mind to stay focused or creative when needed.”


“I find just getting outside for 5-10mins every 2 or 3 hours clears my head and relieves stress. I use a height adjustable desk to stretch my legs if I cant get away from my desk and I always go for a little walk at lunch (weather permitting).”


“During the working hours, I make sure I stay hydrated and I take at least a few breaks. Outside working hours, I usually go for a run or at least a 30 minutes walk.”


I bought myself a new chair to specifically combat some of the aches and pains I was feeling sitting at my desk, and I also have an elbow/wrist support pad on the desk to cushion my arms while I work. They have both had a profound effect.”


As you can see movement, comfort, regular breaks and hydration are the key factors for our team who mostly work remote. We recognise it can be a challenge to ensure a team’s wellbeing is healthy when working from home. To combat this we have regular daily calls which allows us to speak about our work load, our head space and we catch up on what we have going on outside of work.

In conclusion, World WellBeing Week is a remarkable opportunity for people worldwide to unite and celebrate various aspects of wellbeing. It encompasses finding purpose in work, taking care of physical and mental health, nurturing social resilience, promoting compassionate leadership, engaging with the community, and caring for the environment. The significance of wellbeing in our overall happiness and success cannot be overstated.

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