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Interview with our Developer Dan

For the next instalment of our ‘Meet the Team’ series, we wanted to celebrate Dan’s first year anniversary at Sixtwo.

How long have you been at Sixtwo?

On the 4th of August I will have been with Sixtwo for a year

What did you do before joining Sixtwo? OR What made you get into web development?

Before joining Sixtwo I was a CRM developer, developing email campaigns for specific groups of customers depending on their preferences and previous purchase history.

To you, what is a good website/brand?

A good website for me has a clear user experience that engages the user to interact with the site. With well thought out animations and transitions to hold the interest of the user. The backend should have a clear structure and use up to date technologies.

What makes you passionate about working at Sixtwo?

I am passionate about working at Sixtwo because I have a great team that I have learnt a lot from over the past year and they are passionate about what they do. I am passionate about becoming a better developer and at Sixtwo they are helping me to achieve this.

What project have you enjoyed working on and why?

My favourite project has been the Sixtwo site. This was the first project given to me when I joined and I am now just finishing off the third sprint. It has allowed me to see how far I have come since my original attempt at the site. We have also added some interesting elements into the design which I had fun developing.

What’s your favourite thing to do?

As a developer my favourite thing to do is problem solve a new design element that needs a new approach and then, if necessary, learn a new technology to be able to produce the element more efficiently.

In my spare time my favourite thing to do is go out for a long ride on my motorcycle in the country, with a picnic on the back. Or take my paddleboard out, either out in the sea or cruise down a river trying to fish.

What challenges do you think web developers will face in the next 5 years?

In my view I think developers could face several challenges, a main one being the issue of Artificial Intelligence claiming it can produce fully fledged websites without the need of a developer. This is going to cause an issue initially as more and more companies will try this approach leaving less work for developers. But after this initial problem I believe there are going to be a large number of companies that have these sites built by AI that cant update their site because of the lack of knowledge behind the technology. Then there is going to be the issues with companies that feel they already have a site and just need a developer for the updating process, leaving developers to pick up the pieces and not get to do what they enjoy in building a new site from scratch.

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